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    Beams is also called steel beam, is a section of i-shaped strip steel. Its specifications with high(h) * waist leg width (b) * waist thick (d) said the number of blessings, such as "160 * 88 * 6", it indicates that the waist high is 160 mm, the leg width is 88 millimeter, i-steel waist for 6 mm thick.
    I-steel specifications can also be used model, said model said waist high on the number of centimeters, such as 16 #. The same waist high beams, such as there are several different thick legs and waist, need to add a b c shall be the difference between, on the right side model such as 32 # 32 # 32 b c #, etc.

Classification of i-steel
    Beams mainly divided into ordinary beams, light beams and h-beam 3 kinds.

    Ordinary beams, light beams flange is variable cross-section by web thickness, external thin;

    H-beam: HW HM HN HEA HEB HEM, such as I beam flange is average cross section such as beams, light beams has formed the national standard, general 10 # I beam is equivalent to international I100 (such as 10 # steel channel channel steel U100) (because of different countries to perform standard, cause they have subtle differences from the specifications of the)
    H beams are also called wide flange beams, HW HM HN from European standard, HEB is Germany standard beams, including HW, HN beams has been widely used in our country and production. Will see, HEA HEB HEM in many German design is difficult to buy in the domestic market. In the domestic steel structure engineering, if the quantity is little you can use and other specifications of the steel plate welding patchwork. High volume usually consider using mechanical properties with considerable HW, HN steel instead.
    HW i-steel is mainly used for steel reinforced columns in the reinforced concrete frame structure column, also called strength steel column; Mainly used in steel structure for the column;
    HM section height and flange width ratio is roughly 1.33 ~ ~ 1.75 mainly used in steel structure steel frame column under dynamic loading to be used for frame beam frame structure; For example: equipment platform;
    HN section height and width of flange ratio greater than or equal to 2; Mainly with the purpose of the ordinary i-steel beam is equivalent to HN steel;


Scope of application
    I-steel regular i-steel and light beams, hot rolled beams of average of 10-63 #. The supply and demand both sides agreement to supply hot rolled i-steel average to # 12-55. Beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, stents, machinery, etc.