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        HSteel is a cross-sectional area of the distribution of more optimized, strong economic weight ratio is more reasonable and efficient cross-section profile, its sections and letters & ldquo; H & rdquo; the same name. Since all parts of the H-beam are arranged at right angles, so H-beam in all directions have flexural ability, simple construction, light weight and structural cost savings and other advantages, has been widely used.


        HIs a new kind of economic steel construction steel. H-beam cross-sectional shape economically reasonable, good mechanical properties, rolling more uniform cross-section extending points, internal stress, compared with the conventional beam, having a section modulus, light weight saving advantages of metal, can make building structure to reduce the 30-40%; but also because of the outer parallel inner leg, the leg is at right angles to the end, combination assembled into a member, you can save welding, riveting work amounted to 25%. Commonly used in the claim bearing cut capacity, good stability sectional large buildings (such as factories, high-rise buildings, etc.), as well as bridges, ships, lifting and transport machinery, equipment foundation, frame, foundation piles.
        HA section of the mechanical properties of steel is steel to optimize the word evolved more excellent economic section steel, in particular sections and letters "H "and the same name. Its features are as follows:
        ◆Flange width and lateral stiffness.
        ◆Bending ability, about 5% -10% over the beam.
        ◆Two surfaces parallel to each other so that the connection flange, processing, easy to install.
        ◆ Compared with the welding beam, low cost, high accuracy, low residual stress, without expensive welding materials and weld inspection, saving steel production costs by about 30%.
        ◆Under load the same cross-section. Hot-rolled steel H lighter than conventional steel 15% -20%.
        ◆Compared with the concrete structure, hot-rolled H steel can be increased by 6% use of space, and to reduce the structural weight by 20% to 30% reduction in the structural design internal forces.
        H-beam processed into a T-shaped steel, castellated beams may be combined to form various cross-sectional forms, engineering design and production to meet the great demand.

         H-beam is divided into hot-rolled H-beam and H-beam welding (H) are two types of hot-rolled H-beam is divided into wide-flange H beam (HW) in H-beam flange (HM) and a narrow flange H beam (HN) three.
         HW is H-shaped steel flange height and width are substantially equal; reinforced concrete frame structure is mainly used for steel core columns in the column, also known as King of steel columns; mainly used in steel column
         HM is H-shaped steel flange height and width ratio of roughly 1.33 ~ 1.75, mainly in steel structure: steel frame columns used withstand dynamic loads framework used to make the frame beam; for example: device platform
         HN is H-shaped steel flange height and width ratio is greater than or equal to 2, is mainly used for the beam; H-beam steel use equivalent HN


        H-shaped steel is mainly used for industrial and civil construction in beams, columns member.
         ◆ Industrial Steel structures bearing bracket Steel piles and supporting structure

         ◆ underground engineering
         petrochemical industrial equipment construction and electricity
         large-span steel bridge member
         shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing framework
         trains, cars, tractor beam bracket
         Port belt, high-speed shutter bracket
         H-beam is an economical section steel, widely used in industrial, construction, bridges, oil drilling platforms, according to forecasts 2005 China H-beam demand is about 250 million tons in 2010 demand for five million tons, but the country H-shaped steel production capacity of 120 tons, the market demand is very huge.


       1, high structural strength

       Compared with the I-beam, a large section modulus, in the same bearing condition, it can save 10-15% of the metal.
         2. The flexible design style, rich
         Under the same circumstances girder, steel bay bay 50% larger than the concrete structure, so that the building layout more flexible.
         3. The light weight structure
         Light weight compared to concrete structures, structural weight reduction, reducing the design internal forces can handle structural basis of low demand, the construction is simple, the cost is reduced.
         4. The high structural stability
         Hot-rolled H-beam steel-based, its scientific and rational structure, plasticity and flexibility, high structural stability, designed to withstand vibration and shock loads large architectural structure, strong resistance to natural disasters, especially for some of the more earthquake structural belt. According to statistics, it occurs in the world more than seven devastating earthquake disasters, mainly in H-beam steel building damage was minimal.

         5. Increase the effective use of space structure
         Compared with the concrete structure, steel column cross-sectional area is small, thereby increasing the effective use of building space, depending on the form of the building, can increase the effective use of an area of 4-6%.
         6. The provincial labor and materials
         Compared with H-beam welding, can significantly cut corners, reducing raw materials, energy and labor consumption, low residual stress, good appearance and surface quality.
         7. facilitate machining
         Ease of structural connections and installation is also easy to remove and reuse.
         8. Environmental
         H beam can effectively protect the environment, specifically in three areas: First, and compared to concrete, can be dry-type construction, noise generated less dust; the second is due to reduce weight, foundation construction borrow less, for destruction of small land resources, in addition to a significant reduction in the amount of concrete, reducing the amount of stone dug mountains, in favor of protecting the ecological environment; third is after the expiration of the service life of the building structure, after removal of the structure, resulting in a small amount of solid waste, scrap recycling high value .
         9. The production of high degree of industrialization

        High hot-rolled H-beam steel-based industrial production level, easy to manufacture, intensive production, high precision, easy installation, easy to guarantee the quality, you can build a real house production factories, bridges production factories, production plants and other industrial plants . Development of steel, and led to the creation of hundreds of new industries.
         10. The construction speed
         Small footprint, and is suitable for all-weather construction, small influence of climate conditions. Construction speed hot-rolled H-beam steel production is about 2-3 times the speed of construction of the concrete structure, capital turnover doubled, reduce financial costs, thereby saving investment. In China's "tallest building" Shanghai Pudong "Jin Mao Tower" for example, up to the main structural body of nearly 400m in just less than six months to complete the cap structure, and reinforced concrete structure will take two years duration.