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         Channel genus and construction machinery with carbon steel, steel is a complex section of the steel, its cross-sectional shape of the groove shape.
         Channel mainly used for building structure, curtain wall engineering, machinery manufacturing and other equipment and vehicles. In use required to have good welding, riveting performance and mechanical properties.
         Channel steel billet production of raw material for the carbon content of not more than 0.25% carbon steel or low alloy steel billets. Finished channel after hot forming, hot-rolled or normalizing the status of delivery. The specifications to waist high (h) * leg width (b) * waist thick (d) the number of millimeters expressed as 100 * 48 * 5.3, indicating the high waist of 100 mm, leg width of 48 mm thick waist of 5.3 mm slot steel or 10 # channel said.

Channel classification

         Common channel and sub channel light channel. Hot-rolled channel steel specifications for 5-40 #. After the agreement between the supply of hot alternative channel specifications 6.5-30 #. Channel mainly used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing, construction and other industrial counters, and other fixed disk, and beam channels often used in conjunction.
         Channel according to the shape can be divided into four kinds: cold-formed channel equilateral, scalene cold-formed channel steel, cold-formed within the crimping channel, cold-formed outer edge channel.
         In accordance with the theory of steel, it should be channel wing force, that channel should be standing, not the tummy.

Specifications Settings

         The main channel specifications with height (h), leg width (b), waist thickness (d) of equal size to represent the current domestic channel sizes from No. 5-40, the corresponding height of 5 -40cm.
         At the same height, light channel narrower than the leg channel steel, the waist thin, light weight. 18-40 large channel number, channel number 5-16 for the medium channel. Import channel indicates the physical size specifications and related standards. Import and export orders in the channel is generally determined corresponding carbon structural steel (or low-alloy steel) steel, with its required specifications in use mainly. In addition to the standard number, channel no specific composition and performance series.
         Channel length delivery points length, double length of two and a predetermined tolerance values in the appropriate standard. The length of the range of options in accordance with the specifications of domestic channel number divided into 5 -12m, 5 -19m, 6 -19m three. Select the range of imported channel length is generally 6 -15m.