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    Square tube as the name suggests, it is a kind of square shape of the tube, a variety of material substances can form a square tube, in which the media, what to use, use in any place, the majority of square steel tubes for the majority, after unpacking, smooth, curl, tube welding is formed, and then cut to the desired length and then rolled into the square from the round tube.

    Square tube is a thin-walled hollow square cross-section of light pipe, also known as cold-formed steel profiles. It is a square cross-sectional shape and size of steel Q235 hot rolled or cold-rolled strip or coil as a base material formed by cold bending back via high-frequency welding steel. In addition to hot-rolled special thick-walled square tube wall thickness thickening outside, the size of the corners and edge flatness meet or exceed ERW cold formed square tube level. Good mechanical properties, weldability, cold, heat processing performance and corrosion resistance are good, good low-temperature toughness.


Material Classification
    Square tube Material: carbon steel tube, low-alloy square tube.
Carbon steel is divided into: Q195, Q215, Q235, SS400,20 # steel, 45 # steel;
Low-alloy steel is divided into Q345,16Mn, Q390, ST52-3 like.

Divided by the surface treatment
   Divided by the square tube surface treatment: hot dip galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe, oil coated square tube, square tube pickling

Square tube Features Purpose
 Square tube uses include construction, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel and other construction projects, shipbuilding, solar bracket, steel engineering, electrical engineering, power plants, agricultural machinery and chemical, glass walls, chassis, airports, boiler construction, highway railings, Housing construction, pressure vessels, oil tanks, bridges, power station equipment, material handling equipment and other welded structure of high load and so on.

Galvanized square tube
Galvanized square tube is a tool to hot or cold galvanized steel or galvanized steel coil for the blank square cross-section shape and size of the cold bending back via high-frequency welding molding made of hollow square cross-section steel pipe ; or well in advance of the cold-formed hollow steel tube type and then by hot-dip galvanizing processing galvanized rectangular pipe.

   Galvanized square pipe from the production process is divided into hot and cold galvanized square tube galvanized square tube. It is because of these two galvanized square tube plus they are not the same as it created a lot of different physical and chemical properties. In general they have a lot of difference between strength, toughness and mechanical properties in.

Galvanized square tube
    Galvanized square tube: in the use of steel sheet or strip after curl forming welded square tube made of, and this will be the basis of square tube galvanized square tube placed in a pool and then through a series of chemical reactions a square tube formed. Galvanized square tube production process is relatively simple, and the production efficiency is very high, also many different specifications, equipment and funds that require little square tube, galvanized square tube manufacturers for small production. But from the strength of such intensity it is far less than seamless steel pipe square tube.

Cold galvanized square tube
     The cold galvanized square tube on a square tube is used in principle to the use of cold galvanized square pipes with anti-corrosion properties. And hot-dip galvanizing cold galvanizing paint mainly through different electrochemical principle be preserved, it must ensure full contact with the zinc steel, generating electrode potential difference, so that the steel surface treatment is very important.

The difference between hot and cold galvanized
Hot galvanized square tube galvanized square tube galvanized square tube and two categories. There are hot dip galvanized square tube wet, dry, lead, zinc, oxidation reduction method. The main difference between the different methods of hot-dip galvanized steel pickling after cleaning, the method used to improve the activation of galvanized pipe surface quality. Production is now mainly using dry oxidation and reduction, which features table. Galvanized zinc coating surface is very smooth, dense, homogeneous structure; has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance; zinc consumption 60% to 75% lower than the hot-dip galvanizing. Galvanized technically certain complexity, but the one-sided coating, different coating thickness of the inner and outer surfaces of the double-sided coating, and thin-walled tube galvanized mused shall use this method.
Black back square tube
 If the cold-rolled steel is heated to an annealing temperature, surface color black due to high temperature exposure to air, called black steel back; its surface has not been treated so bright black; physical properties soft, made of welded steel pipe to facilitate further; common hardness 57HRB, but also with the need to retire, according to a different hardness.
Black back square tube is treated A3 material tube, its purpose is to keep the pipe rust; black back side through a tube in the welding process, the process will be bad tear, of course, is opposed to this situation He said to be very small, tear a lot of reasons, such as welding parent surface water, surface rust, welding chose not to other reasons; it is now in terms of performance with stainless steel tube that is about; however, a number of high-grade stainless steel look to , but the cost is much higher.
RHS purposes: construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction projects, shipbuilding, solar bracket, steel engineering, electrical engineering, power plants, agricultural machinery and chemical, glass walls, chassis, airports and the like.