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    Aluminum is more than the thickness of 0.2mm to 500mm or less, 200mm width or more, less than 16m length aluminum called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, 0.2mm or less of aluminum, a width of less than 200mm row material or strip (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the widest 600mm discharge timber can be done will be more). It refers to the processing of aluminum ingots rolled rectangular plate, divided into pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum sheet, the thick aluminum pattern aluminum.

Aluminum usually in two to points:

1.Divided by alloy composition:
①High-purity aluminum (99.9 more than the content of high purity aluminum rolling from) & nbsp; ② pure aluminum (aluminum is made by rolling the basic ingredients)
③Aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy composition and auxiliary, usually aluminum copper, aluminum and manganese, aluminum silicon, aluminum and magnesium, and other series) & nbsp; ④ composite aluminum plate welding or 釺 (by means of a variety of materials to obtain special purpose aluminum composite material)
⑤Clad aluminum (aluminum outside coated aluminum for special purposes)
2.Divided according to the thickness:(Unit:mm)
sheet(aluminum sheet) 0.15-2.0  ②General board(aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0
③Plate(aluminum plate) 6.0-25.0  ④Slab(aluminum plate) 25-200
200 or more thick plate

Five bars pattern aluminum
1.Lighting 2、Solar reflective sheet 3、Building Exterior 4、Interior: ceilings, walls, etc. 5、Furniture, cabinets, 6、elevator 7、Signs, nameplates, luggage 8、Automotive interior and exterior decoration 9.Interior decorations: as picture frames 10、Household appliances: refrigerator, microwave, stereo equipment, etc. 11.Aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing, the Shenzhou series of spacecraft, satellites, etc. 12、Processing machine parts13、Mould Manufacturing 14、Chemicals / pipe insulation coating。


    Aluminum and aluminum alloys are divided into groups of nine categories. Which 1,3,5,6,7-based aluminum, aluminum-based, less other series used in the actual use probability.
First class: 1 Series: industrial aluminum II: 2 Department: aluminum-copper alloy third category: 3 Series: Al-Mn alloy
The fourth category: 4 Department: Al-Si based alloy fifth category: 5 Series: aluminum-magnesium alloy sixth category: 6 Series: Mg-Si alloy
Category VII: 7 Series: zinc aluminum magnesium copper alloy eighth category: 8 Series: other alloys ninth class: 9 system: spare alloy
Brushed aluminum: aluminum plate repeatedly scraped with sandpaper line manufacturing process, the process is divided into the main flow of degreasing, sand mill, washed three parts. In aluminum wire drawing process, a special anodized coating technology after the aluminum surface can form a film layer of the metal-containing component, each of fine silk show clear marks, so that the metal in matte glow fine hair silk luster.
Alumina plate: aluminum plate placed in the appropriate electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as an anode, under certain conditions and the role of the applied current, electrolytic aluminum were formed. Anodic aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide thin layer formed on the surface to a thickness of 5 to 20 microns, hard anodic oxide film can reach 60 to 200 microns.
PS aluminum (also known as print advertising aluminum zinc plate, newspaper board): the back of the printed pattern 03 having a thickness of 025 or material of aluminum.
Mirror aluminum: refers to treatment by a variety of methods rolling, grinding, so that the mirror surface of the sheet showing the effect of aluminum.
Embossed aluminum embossed aluminum plate and can be called: belong on the basis of aluminum, after calendering and various patterns formed on the surface of aluminum products, is widely used, mainly used in packaging, construction, walls, and so on.