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    Units on a continuous cold rolled strip steel, galvanized steel (galvanized and hot galvanized) as the substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing and chemical treatment), by the method of roll coating, coated with one or more layers of liquid paint, after baking and cooling the resulting sheet is coated steel. Since the coating can have a variety of colors, it is customary to coated steel is called color coated steel. Also, because the coating is carried out before forming the steel sheet in foreign countries this is called pre-coated steel. It will become conventional spray paint continuous coating steel sheet for easy surface treatment and coating quality control, easy to produce without the presence of coating defects such as dead edges.
Products and Features
Color coated products into Europe through:
◇  Architectural colored steel  Polyester colored steel 2, SMP silicon modified colored steel 3, HDP high weathering painted steel 4, PVDF fluorocarbon painted steel 5, EEB color plates
◇  Appliance PCM color coating steel plate  
◇  Functional colored steel   1, anti-static painted products .2, .3 antibacterial pre-painted products, self-cleaning products .4 painted, decorative painted products 5, 6 writing board Caitu products, anti-scratch prepainted products
Colored steel Features  
※  Strong anti-corrosion, good corrosion resistance. Use color-coated galvanized steel as the substrate, in addition to zinc corrosion layer, the organic coating layer covering the strife and protection, so that effective rust products, galvanized steel coil life than about 2 times .
※  Good cold bending formability that allows users to directly processed into finished products. Steel and wood, hard and lightweight, easy to transport, efficient construction, energy conservation.
※  Beautiful decorative play and a wide selection of sex. Color coated paper using a variety of paint colors, depending on the environment and the user can use for different purposes, choose a different taste of color coated paper.
※  Light pollution, high recovery rate, is the country to promote the use of green products. In view of the above characteristics, color steel plate is widely used in construction, home appliances, furniture, transport and other related industries. Especially in the construction industry is an alternative to brick tile green-replacement products.
Colored steel use  
    Main widely used in the construction industry, light industry, household appliances, color plates generally to the galvanized, hot dip galvanized and cold-rolled sheet for the substrate. Widely used in our construction industry (large industrial plants, large gymnasium, etc.), pre-insulated sandwich panels, large refrigerator, windows and doors made of color-coated, steel shutter doors and furniture; light industry appliance housings used in manufacturing and application areas, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc. are expanding.

(1)Structure: painted steel surface-based plated steel sheet as a substrate, the first surface treated in the upper and lower surfaces of the chemical conversion film is formed, then coated with primer and advanced color coated steel finish high molecular organic resin composed of. Each component interface have played their unique and important function, and then merge into the overall quality of painted steel.
(2)Substrate: color coated products in addition to using high-quality galvanized steel coil as a substrate, can also be used cold-rolled, galvanized, galvanized, etc., as substrates, the scope is very broad.

(3)Coating: The coating films formed using the coating color coated product polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, silicone modified polyester, high weatherability polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, and a number of functional coatings, manufacture of the products according to the respective needs.


(1)Specific application of color coated steel:
    Building on the application: mainly outdoor construction: Roof, roof structures, balcony panels, water downpipe, window frames, doors, garage doors, shutter doors, kiosks, shutters, guard room, shower enclosure, refrigerated trucks.
     Mainly indoor applications: door, partition walls, door frames, light steel structure housing, sliding door, screens, ceilings, bathroom interior, interior elevator, elevator lobby and so on.
    On electrical applications: refrigerators, frozen food display cabinets, washing machines, electric ovens, vending machines, air conditioners, copiers, switchgear, instrument cabinets, fans, vacuum cleaners and the like.
    Transportation on the Application: Automotive ceiling, back, panels, interior panels, car shell, trunk plate, car, dashboard, console shell, trams, trains ceilings, partitions, wall, door, ships separated swatches, doors, furniture, boat, flooring, container, etc.
    Application of sheet metal processing and furniture on: ventilation heating furnace, water heater shell, counters, shelves, signs, wardrobe, table, bedside tables, chairs, lockers, file cabinets, bookshelves and the like.


(2)Coated steel processing considerations:
    Shearing Notes:
    a. We should try to make the cut surface of the short edges to prevent scratching each other in color coated steel shear stacking.
    b. Timely removal produced when cut chips and metal powder, otherwise it will damage the surface of the steel sheet, a source of abrasion or corrosion rust. 
    c. Color coated steel shear, the contact with the color plates should roll rubber roller or other materials in contact with the color steel countertops should be covered with a rubber mat and kept clean to prevent damage to the coating color plates. 
    Bending Notes:
    a. Clear dies, presses, and other components attached to the upper platen of dirt and rust, in order to avoid coating the surface of crushed, scratches, affects the appearance and durability of the resulting decline.
    b. After the steel processing, due to the curved outer portions will be extended, it may cause hairline cracks in the coating, which is a problem in practical use is not too large. This can be reduced or eliminated to maximize the curvature by processing site.
    c. In setting the clearance punch and die, we must consider the thickness of the coating.
    d. Should not be processed due to the deformation of the coating film becomes brittle at low temperatures, in the low temperature processing, coating cracks occur, cracked or peeling may pre-coated laminates less than 21 ℃. Therefore, the need to avoid low temperature processing. If the ambient temperature is low, it should first plate after appropriate heating process.
    e. When performing color coated steel roll forming, in addition to the above should be noted that outside, in order to prevent the forming roll wear, abrasion caused by the steel surface coating should be used hard materials forming rolls (such as hardened steel, tool steel) or forming rolls, hard chrome plated.
    f.In order to prevent damage during processing and color plates during construction surface can be pre-processed before the paste peelable protective film, stripped the short term after the end of construction.
(3)Coated steel storage and transportation requirements:
a. not to be soaked in water, stored indoors, avoiding the open air.
b. If rain or condensation with, they should immediately unpacking quickly dried to remove moisture, and use as soon as possible.
c. state should be kept stored at the factory, do not accumulate, so as not to damage the coating.
d. Avoid long-term storage, advanced first with the principle of use, in order to avoid long-term retention without pollution caused by bumps, as well as new, slight color differences when older product mix, especially in the coastal and industrial atmosphere environment , should shorten the storage period.
e. Follow the manufacturer's factory state, transportation intact, not to facilitate the shipment of the product on the skids or removed, upside down.
f.  When handling steel sheets and coils in order to prevent bumps, to use rubber pads and spreader isolation, or using a dedicated spreader.
g. shipping color plates of the car should be clean, covered with a thick rubber mat or use special protective device to prevent coil periphery bumps.
h. When using vertical packaging, shipping and handling Caijuan also remain upright. Make vertical coil when placed horizontally, use the machine rolled.
i.  transport steel coils and should be firmly fixed to avoid relative movement between the steel sheet and coil rolling causing abrasions.
j.  When the color plates taken out one by one, must not drag, otherwise it would be generated when the steel surface edges and cut off scratches, abrasions.