Method such as steel production capacity to need to do "addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division"

Date:2016-4-18 15:20

At this year's two sessions, the central committee of the central, central, central, zanu-pf are submitted proposal about the "capacity". Proposal, according to the traditional industry in our country facing serious excess capacity, and capacity also face risks such as employment, financial bad assets.

The country during the two sessions, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, the people's bank of China governor zhou xiaochuan, vice chairman of the federation of trade unions sectors and said to listen to your discussion to capacity and closely related to leverage, generally high lever will cause difficult, increase the difficulty that the coordination between the creditor's rights and debtor. If the better development of direct financing, reduce debt leverage, the adjustment of the future enterprise restructuring will be more easy.

In the CPPCC national committee John's view, in the face of the current excess capacity, can't take simple one-size-fits-all approach. Want to distinguish which caused by excess capacity because of the economic downturn, which excess capacity because of problems caused by the development way, structure. At the same time, it should be adjusted according to the transformation of the pattern of economic development and the needs of the industrial structure to eliminate backward production capacity.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, benxi steel group chairman xiao-fang zhang said that in to the process of production, enterprises need to make law "" addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To do "addition", is to do the product, increase the proportion of high value-added products, expand domestic and foreign market share; Do "subtraction", namely the structure and stronger, reduce the intermediate products, eliminated high energy consumption and low total interior products; Do "multiplication", namely the service, speed up from steel "manufacturers" to "product service"; Do the "division", namely the industry chain, joint upstream and downstream enterprises, enhancing core competitiveness of the industrial chain, to provide users with low-cost, high-quality products.

Xiao-fang zhang said that in today's global economic integration, to capacity is a global process of "lean" is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Both to the overall production capacity reduction, eliminate backward production capacity, and improve overall quality, make the high quality production.

With structural reform of the supply side, in the process of the work in resolving excess capacity, a large number of worker transferred resettlement issues become a top priority.

Central committee said in the proposal, the resettlement to laid-off workers are main difficulties in the process of production capacity: one is the overcapacity enterprises mainly concentrated in the iron and steel, coal, nonferrous metals, such as resource industry, involving many employees. In the steel industry, for example, according to the per capita crude steel production 300 tons/year, to between 100 million and 150 million tons of production capacity, is about 300000 to 300000 employees to be resettled, not only on local or enterprise itself can be properly solved. Second, some enterprises built in remote areas, local resources endowment is poorer, absorbing employment ability is limited, it is difficult to attract social capital to merger and reorganization. Culture degree is not high, many older workers re-employment ability is not strong.

For this purpose, the committee of the central recommendations to establish and perfect the central and local social guaranteed two levels of government policy. Formulate award for implementing rules: one is the clear award. In addition to the central and local state-owned enterprises, the relevant private enterprises are also included in the prize range. Although to production key such as coal, iron and steel industry is given priority to with state-owned enterprises, but the industry has many private enterprise also faces enormous pressure "capacity". Steel group, such as sichuan chuan wei group staff, is expected to account for the iron and steel industry in sichuan to staff by more than 80%. Two is clear prize for standard, including the organization to resolve the prize for standard of excess capacity enterprise employees, shunt job-transfer staff vocational training subsidies standards, etc. Three is the clear prize money use way, embody prize money is mainly used for placement.

In response to the financial bad assets, John advice, first of all, we need to work quickly to design and develop the system of financial support, encourage the development of government financial fund, the government and private complementary advantages, enhance the investment support effect. Next to build and supply side structure reform of the financial support system, to make clear the credit policy, to increase credit support for energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Once again to ensure the healthy and stable development of stock market. Directly related to the stock market as investors in the field of virtual economy, on the other side directly related to the enterprise in the field of the real economy. The stock market development is good, it can be in the field of virtual economy a lot of money into the real economy in the field of enterprise. This not only solves the macro level of the problem of unbalanced capital structure, the structural reform is also directly promote the supply side.

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