To capacity, but also need to solve the problem of "old"

Date:2016-4-18 15:19

Recently, the provincial bureau of statistics released a set of data show that in 2015, one hundred million, one hundred million yuan of above project of linfen fell 45% year on year, the annual decline have been gradually expanding trend. The author believed that this group of data is worth people thinking, it reflects not only is the reduction in linfen momentum of local investment, more show that local is seeking to change the pattern of economic development.

Frequently get on one hundred million yuan project is "old problem" in China's economic development. In the current economic growth of excess capacity, is part of the "old problem".

The media, some local project total investment more than in some countries the year's investment. And most of these projects and focus on real estate and other infrastructure projects, only look at not heavy industry distribution, the total real output is low. Look from another aspect, as required by the present urbanization, this kind of projects do have its rationality, especially the small and medium-sized cities like linfen, infrastructure is still the urban development the first option, but if blindly on big projects, may be counter-productive. There are rumours one word - "sold a plot of land, a pile of building, owe a debt". In the face of capacity and inventory requirements, this "old problem" one hundred million yuan project if not solve, could eventually lead to such as soaring house prices, more hair, such new problems as corruption.

The author thinks that, to prevent the emergence of new problems, local governments must change development philosophy, reasonable investment, adjust the structure of growth. Statistically, linfen local government still sober mind, they began to focus on investment by steering culture, high-tech areas such as infrastructure construction, and or pay attention to solve the problem people pay attention to the livelihood of the people. Such as tao temple ruins museum in the planning of projects, has the dual value of culture, economy.

But we also want to see, even though statistics show that one hundred million yuan of total project, but industry distribution still need to consider. Such as the city's urban key projects of construction and reform of 15, 2016, a total investment of 10.3 billion yuan, most of whom were streets landscape transformation. Seems to be the local government and great courage, big, big move, but these programs really necessary, whether accord with the demand of the people, the project will result in sustainable, I'm afraid I still need to use the time to test.

The author thinks that, to capacity, the structure, the process can't happen overnight. Accordingly, quick to one hundred million yuan project to solve the problem of "old", Rome was not built in a day. Local governments must change to GDP about hero achievement view, lay down to understand what people need, prevent more "new problem". $one hundred million project is not bad, but must not make investment prevalence of local protectionism and some profit channel. Once the amplification of negative energy become a bigger problem in the economic development, the victims will be a party and the people.

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