Tsunami on gold industrial marketing elite with the latest product success 2016 uzbekistan international building materials

Date:2016-4-18 15:13

     Uzbekistan international building materials exhibition in 2016 on March 2 to 4, held in tashkent, the building materials exhibits uzbekistan is the largest scale and highest level of national building materials exhibition uzbekistan attaches great importance to the development of building materials industry, as more and more countries economic development and real estate projects, increasing demand for building materials, building materials imports also increased gradually. As the first station of 2016 global promotion of the New Year, tsunami on gold industry marketing elite with the latest products at this exhibition the noise gold elite show guests of various steel products, especially new products independently developed by custom belt let past international merchants' amazement, admiration, changed their inherent knowledge of Chinese building materials product simplification.



    Tsunami on research and development of gold industry as a collection of painted galvanized manufacturing, all kinds of pipes, plates, profiles the sale in a body large-scale production enterprise has been committed to international trade for global buyers one-stop sourcing solutions during the show, come on tsunami gold industry booth number of merchants consulting a lot of, some merchants professional degree is high, purchase intention, this tsunami on gold staff were given a warm reception, and mainly introduced the tsunami gold exported to all over the world in recent years, the market advantage, enthusiasm and professional staff has been agreed by customers. This exhibition, the reception of the tsunami on gold merchants is given priority to with uzbekistan and eastern Europe. Customers are mainly for caitu, galvanized sheet and pipe and profile. There is also a part of the merchants have been in China purchasing steel products, have a good base for cooperation. According to statistics, on-site express strong willingness, there are more than 30, far beyond the original expectations. Finally the noise gold booth at the scene of hundreds of exhibits and promotional materials, by the clients for, popularity.



The exhibition for the tsunami on gold in the region to expand the market to do a good preparation, but also effectively enhance the tsunami on king art through the brand influence and brand awareness in the region, the exhibition has obtained the good effect. The exhibition, not only for the steel industry and related industry development provides a master information, mutual exchanges and promote cooperation platform, but also for the noise in the development of gold industry has opened up a cooperation channels, and improve the gold products in eastern Europe market visibility, and achieved some promotional effect, in order to further develop the European, non-market laid a good foundation. Group, the international trade department personnel are actively communicate with intention to customers, to provide customers with perfect pre-sale service.


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