Xiao Jin Industrial Enterprises 2016 Annual Meeting "walk hand in hand, freely roam the future" a complete success

Date:2016-4-18 15:37

January 29, 2016, Xiao Jin Industry 2016 "hand in hand freely roam the Future" theme was held in Shanghai Jiading glory. Core elites from the global Xiao Jin Industrial Division gathered all employees had a memorable and fun night, share in 2015 to bring fruitful results.



5:30 opening of the annual meeting, the first to play the latest production of corporate image videos, VCR profoundly demonstrated Xiao Jin business outlook, strong production capacity and R & D and marketing service territory and the future outlook.
Then chairman of Mr. Yang Zhongbao came to power speech, he fondly recalled the tsunami created hardships gold since the development process and the prospect of the 2016 development priorities and future directions. He said: In the past year, the overall economic situation is not optimistic, but Xiao Jin is contrarian flying, so impressive in the industry, all this is the result of hard work you take here! I thank you very much! More competitive steel products better in the new year Xiao Jin will provide customers around the world and urban construction in the growing team at the same time. With excellent quality, leading technology, superior service, the Xiao Jin authon products onto the international road. .


Company executives


To this end, the company specially designed for outstanding performance 2015 elite groups and individuals were awarded prizes, with the honor and glory, Xiao Jin took over the company in recognition of the heavy Thanksgiving, tireless and hard work for a year, and finally got the dream of change today achievements in the future, they will work harder, step by step to climb the peak. Then each team pledging Division conducted the New Year, creating a new situation for next year! Xiao Jin Industry today's results, in addition to the chairman Mr. Yang Zhongbao strategic pilot, but also inseparable from the whole core Xiao Jin Industrial elite leadership team to show their talents, their professionalism, wisdom, diligence, modesty ...... they participate in the formulation Xiao Jin Industrial Development strategy, strategizing, side by side together, Xiao Jin led the climb to a new height.


Central and South America and Africa Division


The climax of the evening opened the first draw, we toast each sip wine in celebration cheers! Followed by link theatrical performances, a dozen representatives from global business unit will be on New Year's blessing gold and tsunami were Russian Spanish English Arabic Korean and other languages! Ministry of Internal Trade twenty elite together singing "unity is strength" with forceful voice loud sing Xiao Jin's development momentum and courage, then the international division with a wonderful and creative program of shows Xiao Jin talent and charm, with dance and singing performances out of gold again Xiao leap in 2016, a new development of new highly blessing and the development of confidence. Annual meeting, whether it is dance, Happy show, magic, comedy, comic or singing, Xiao Jin always talented, energetic. Xiao gold on the stage, talent and personality will get the maximum interpretation and release, highlighting enjoy themselves, show themselves, let Xiao Jin chasing the dream become enthusiastic momentum.


Southeast Division


New year, new start. 2015 Xiao Jin surrendered a perfect answer, but the dream does not stop the pace. 2016, Xiao Yang and Jin at the elite leadership team to lead, let the dream fuller, more full, more enthusiasm into the state of work and life, to bring the future Xiao Jin Industrial build even better.


Central Division








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