Metallurgical industry + Internet is necessary

Date:2016-4-18 15:25

The CPPCC national committee, kair technology group chairman, party secretary of China to let a guest xinhua new state-owned enterprises, go much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "dialogue" interview, said with the progress of technology, especially after introduction of the Internet, in the role of the industrial products sales and purchasing has very obvious. Everyone's in building their own electric business platform, this pattern is the same, you will die. Internet +, the electricity business model definitely have impact on steel industry.


In addition, the United States is the Internet +, Germany is an industrial 4.0, is basically + Internet. Because the United States for a long time, give up the manufacturing, to informationization, the Internet to build the new platform. Now to return to the manufacturing, not simply repeat itself, but in the Internet based on a new kind of thinking, a combination of elements. Germany in the manufacturing system, always is perseverance. Industrial 4.0, on the basis of the original processing and manufacturing, and the means of the Internet. We have a lot of iron and steel enterprise in the informatization of the deployment, but a little scattered. Such as energy consumption and transformation, we have been doing well. Including environmental protection, environmental detection, tracking, and the entire information products have begun to do. But did not form a large network, that is, the Internet industry, is the Internet of things, if all the things on the platform by way of optimization operation, is bound to reduce the cost.


When we were on way to iron and steel industry, one is intelligent manufacturing, is the Internet. The Internet and the Internet now is homologous industry, but Angle is different. Now, Mr. Ma's alibaba, robin li, baidu, liu jingdong mall is in the field of circulation, information domain to do more. Internet industry is a big topic, metallurgical industry + Internet is inevitable. And through wireless communications, wireless Internet, coupled with the GPS, it formed a metallurgical industry to the Internet.


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