Company Culture

Core culture: scrupulous spirit; learning and innovation in the road; create world-class brands.

Corporate vision: a world-class brand color coating industry, built a century enterprises, enhance the value of staff, contribute to the community.
The spirit of enterprise: unity, initiative, trust, efficiency
Management: management system talk, talk program work, work principled.
Philosophy: fine, precise, fine.
Quality standards: quality and free of defects.
Cost concept: a good way to reduce costs; improve quality is to reduce the cost of a shortcut; technological innovation is to reduce the cost of power.
Innovation philosophy: to meet the market demand and lead, is an inexhaustible source of corporate survival and development.
Implementation of the concept: Connaught will practice, immediate action, to speak with the results, do the responsible person.
Service standards: comprehensive and efficient, value-added services.
Methods of work: consult said work program, said the results reporting, said the review process.
Quality concept: the details determine success or failure; decide the quality of work product quality; 100-1 = 0
Talent Concept: employees are the greatest wealth; there are promising position, there is a bit more; ability and political integrity, morality first; believe that man, worthy of trust.
Happy philosophy: true, simple, natural, positive, encouragement, respect.