21 century, only about the economy can change the times.
        In today's global economy, the world's second largest economy, China in the international community has a pivotal position. Shanghai, China's financial and trade center, with the most advanced technology and world-class productivity trade port. Thus, Shanghai every day, are writing a splendid and glorious.
        Europe stands in Shanghai Jin Xiao Tong Group, is a set of steel production, steel processing, storage and logistics and international trade as one of the well-known large-scale high-tech enterprises. Years as one day, trying to create the industry's miracle and dreams.
Based on the Yangtze River Delta, the radiation at home and abroad.
        Founded in 2006, Shanghai Jin Xiao Tong Group Europe, with Xiao Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xiao Jin authon color plate Ltd. two subsidiaries, the foundation of the huge and excellent reputation. Unlike traditional companies, the group sales office in Shanghai as the center, as a production base in Zhejiang, committed to the development of new quality steel materials business, innovation as a breakthrough, creating greater value for customers.
        Over the years, the quality of the persistent pursuit of gold Xiao is the same enterprise and faith, but also into more than 400 Xiao Jin's blood. In this broad field, Xiao Jin dare, dares to take the lead. Today, Xiao Jin, with world-class design and development capabilities, the world's leading automated production lines, with an annual output of color coated steel sheet 400,000 tons, 500,000 tons of cold-rolled annealed steel product size and 200,000 tons, of which hot-rolled coil hot rolled steel sheet, galvanized pipe, chilled rolls, annealed and galvanized sheet steel is in short supply.
        Follow the "integrity, common good, cooperation and win-win" development concept Xiao Jin, always pursue the "quality of legislation, integrity Societe Generale" business philosophy, all raw materials are from well-known enterprises such as Baosteel, with good security and reliability , continue to provide users with unique, good quality steel products. Thus, by virtue of superior product quality, excellent reputation and credibility of Southeast Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe and other agents to establish a long-term cooperative relations, product around the world.

Classic and into the quality and detail rendering success.
        In the production line, Xiao Jin and details of the deal on the quality of each product, all follow the first set of standard operational management system. With tough quality and excellent performance, Xiao Jin products are widely used in various fields. As of 2015, all gold and tsunami has brand cooperation partners, both for quality and service Xiao Jin expressed high praise, and have signed long-term exchanges and cooperation.
        Today, the rapid development and expansion of the tsunami Gold Group, to respond positively to the call and practice green, ecological and environmental protection in the first place. From its start, to create a conservation of resources, social recognition of green steel enterprises. Go all out to win the world, with the Earth symbiosis.

Sails races, vying.
        Walking in the steel kingdom, we will be faced at any time outstanding competitors. Know that there is competition, there is future tsunami Gold Group, we are committed to the quality of product and work hard. Not only on the quality of the products to achieve excellence, but on the client's needs, we will improve the small details to the fullest.
        Over the years, Xiao Jin to "promote the upgrading Xiao Jin products and services, enhance corporate visibility, reputation and profitability, create Xiao Jin century-old brand" for the relentless pursuit of enterprises consistent, for the Group, but also for the industry to create countless success, much praise of many customers and praise.
        Today, no matter how the current achievements shine, Xiao Waldo consistent with firm steady pace, stay on the road ahead one glorious footsteps.
        People go further, not at the foot of the road in the world, but consistently adhere to the credibility and quality.
        Based on the current and future prospects, Xiao Jin Group will continue to struggle for the prosperity of China's steel business more than.